Tools to support asylum seekers and protected persons

Livrets d'accueil + guide des procédures
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Below you can find the different documents that will help you assist asylum seekers and recipients of international protection.

The following documents are meant for asylum seekers :

  • The guide on the procedures at Ofpra
  • The interpreter charter
  • The decision from December 28, 2018 indicating the list of languages in which asylum seekers, stateless person status applicants, refugees and recipients of subsidiary protection may be heard under the framework of their personal interview

The following documents are meant for protected persons :  

  • The welcome booklet for people granted refugee status
  • The welcome booklet for recipients of subsidiary protection
  • The welcome booklet for people recognized as stateless persons.

You can also download the Guide for Asylum Seekers from the Ministry of the Interior’s website (translated into 29 languages).