Ofpra secure personal digital space

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This space is an internet service that provides asylum seekers with a secure personal digital space in which Ofpra places individual documents such as the introductory letter for the asylum application, the summons to the interview and the decision related to the asylum application, etc.

Generally speaking, the office stores all of the letters addressed to the asylum seeker here.

Who is concerned ?

For all asylum seekers, with the exception of applicants under the Dublin procedure, unaccompanied minors and people residing in Overseas territories. The applicants concerned are given instructions at the dedicated asylum application service center ( GUDA ), once the asylum application has been registered. These instructions, translated into 32 languages, include the logins for the Ofpra portal.

Attention ! In order to receive paperless documents, the person must have registered their asylum application with the GUDA.



Documents uploaded to the applicant area

The following documents are likely to be placed in the applicant space (their names are indicated in blue)

  • The notification that the digital account has been created before submitting the application to Ofpra (Account creation) ;
  • The introductory letter for the asylum application (Introduction) ;
  • The 6-month letter (6 months) ;
  • The letter cancelling the summons (Summons cancellation) ;
  • The letter requesting the medical certificate for minors reporting a risk of female genital mutilation (Medical certificate) ;
  • The informational letter stating that the application has been reassigned to the normal procedure process (Reclassification) ;
  • The letter communicating the transcription of the interview before the decision is made (Interview) ;
  • The letter notifying that the notification will be sent via mail (Postal letter) ;
  • The letter informing of the decision’s re-notification (Re-notification) ;
  • An acknowledgement of receipt of the application for review (Acknowledgement of receipt of the application for review) ;
  • The notification that the minor’s “individual” personal account has been created (Minor account) ;
  • Other letters, for example, the request to send in a birth certificate for a child born in France, etc. (Other letter).


How can a person opt out of the system ?

The paperless notification of decisions related to asylum, the summons to the personal interview and other documents is mandatory.

Two exceptions allow a person to opt out of the system :

  • The asylum applicant establishes that they are not able to access the electronic process due to a material or technical impediment: notification by mail is then allowed.
  • Due to the applicant’s personal situation or their vulnerability, it is preferable to resort to notification by mail: Ofpra evaluates this on a case-by-case basis.

The request to be exceptionally removed from this system must be dealt with as a matter of priority by the SPADA, the housing structure or, failing that, Ofii ’s regional division on which the person depends. The notification is sent by mail to Ofpra (dematofpra[a]ofpra.gouv.fr), which will evaluate the relevance of leaving the paperless procedure on a case-by-case basis.

When Ofpra considers that the elements brought to their knowledge do not justify withdrawal from the system, they will not respond to this request.

When Ofpra considers that the request is justified, a letter called a Postal letter is placed in the person’s applicant space. When the SPADA, who has access to a general interface for all users, sees the issuing of a Postal letter, it is up to them to notify the person in question.


The professional SPADA / CADA -HUDA portal

A tool integrated into the asylum network

As soon as their asylum application is registered with the prefecture, the asylum applicant is informed of the conditions related to accessing their secure personal digital space :

  • They are given access instructions for the OFPRA portal with their logins (AGDREF number and connection key) – document translated into 32 languages
  • The instructions are published by SIAEF in connection with the ATDA

Ofpra sends its letters to the asylum applicant via an internet service.

SPADAs and housing centers in the national reception network help applicants familiarize themselves with the tool and consult their letters.


Presentation of the portal

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The dashboard

1.    Shows the status of all of the documents for the accounts managed by the establishment

2.    Makes it possible to filter and sort

3.    Makes it possible to search by application

4.    Activates the display function for the current file’s key