Assistance by a healthcare professional during the interview

The assistance of a mental health care professional at the interview

As a mental health professional (psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist), Ofpra may consider your request to assist an asylum seeker in an interview. This written request must be made by the applicant and by you, the mental health professional. It must be made at least one week before the date of the interview under the normal procedure and 4 days under the accelerated procedure . It must be sent to the e-mail address vulnerabilites[a]

It must be justified primarily by the objective of ensuring the asylum seeker's safety, particularly if the existence of behavioural problems appears likely to disrupt the interview.

Ofpra's acceptance of your presence as an accompanying person is in writing and includes a reminder of the rules to be followed. At the start of the interview, your identity and your status as a health professional are verified, the applicant's agreement to your presence is confirmed and the rules on confidentiality and the conduct of the interview are reiterated. You do not intervene during the interview. A discussion between you and the protection officer may take place before or at the end of the interview, without the claimant being present if necessary. It will focus on the background and state of health of the claimant you are accompanying. The substance of this exchange, which does not have to be transcribed literally, will be recorded in the transcript of the interview.

Mis à jour le 04 March 2024