Make a donation to the archives

Contribute to the enrichment of the archives on refugees!

You were a refugee , son of a refugee or you were an actor or witness of the asylum policy? Do you have documents related to your ancestor or to the asylum policy? Photographs? Are you afraid that time will scatter these documents?

You can contribute to the enrichment of this history and memory by entrusting your testimony or your archives to the History and Archives Mission of Ofpra, which will manage, preserve and communicate them.

Your name will not be forgotten, since each private archive is associated with the name of the person who created it and the name of the donor. Whether you have only a few documents or have accumulated a large volume, we will give your memories their rightful place.

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The conditions

You have two choices.

    The gift. It involves the transfer of ownership of the archives to the state. The donation makes it possible to protect your documents forever in the national collections: the donated archives are in fact protected by law in the same way as the public archives. The donation is formalized by a letter of intent addressed to the head of the History and Archives Operations Mission. It is the letter of acceptance and thanks of this one which will have legal value to concretize the transfer.

    The deposit. It leaves full ownership of its archives to the depositor and establishes a partnership relationship between the depositor and the Ofpra archives. The deposit is formalized by a modular standard contract. A deposit can always be turned into a donation later.