My civil status documents

Once protected by Ofpra, the Protection Department will deliver your civil status documents (birth certificate and marriage certificate) for civil events that took place in your country of origin

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First civil status documents

Your first civil status documents are drawn up after processing the family reference file and receiving any additional information if requested by Ofpra.

The reconstitution of the civil status and the issuance of the first acts is a procedure that takes a little time. It is your responsibility to respond, by post only, to any request for additional information from Ofpra.

There is no need to go to Ofpra or call it again to obtain these first documents more quickly.

Family booklet

Ofpra has been issuing family record booklets since 26 March 1991.

  • The protected person is married and Ofpra has drawn up the marriage certificate : in this case, Ofpra issues a family record booklet, drawn up on the basis of the marriage certificate. Only children living in France and born of this union may be registered in this booklet. For children born in France, the town hall of the place of birth is competent for registering them in this booklet.
  • The protected person got married in France : the town hall of the place where the marriage was celebrated either issues a family record booklet or adds the marriage certificate to the family record booklet already issued by Ofpra.
  • The protected person is not married and has children who were born abroad and live in France : In this case, Ofpra may issue a family record booklet and register the children present in France, whether or not they are placed under its protection. If none of the children live in France, Ofpra cannot draw up the family record booklet.
  • The protected person is not married and his or her children were born in France, or the only children residing in France were born on French territory : The town hall of the place, in France, where the first child was born, is competent for issuing the family record booklet. The application for a family record booklet must be sent to this town hall or the town hall of the place of residence. Ofpra will then add the birth certificate of the parent(s) to the booklet.

Please note! When the marriage has been celebrated in a third country after the protective status has been granted, Ofpra or the French town halls cannot issue a family record booklet.

Protected people may request the registration in their family record booklet of any of their children born abroad but who live in France, and who either do not benefit from Ofpra's protection or cannot be issued a birth certificate by Ofpra, by submitting their birth certificate along with the correct form, duly completed (available in the "Civil status documents - My online procedures" section). This transmission has to be done by post exclusively.

First name change

You can submit a request to change your first name either to your local Mairie or to Ofpra after it has drawn up your birth certificate.
If the Mairie or Ofpra considers that your application to change your first name is justified by a legitimate interest, your new first name will be recorded on your birth certificate.

  • Who is concerned ?

Anyone with a legitimate interest can apply to change their first name.
It is possible to request the addition, deletion or change in the order of first names.

  • What steps do I need to take?

If you choose to apply at your local Mairie, you must submit your application in person, together with the necessary supporting documents.
If you choose to apply to Ofpra, you must first request an appointment by post. You will be sent an appointment to submit your application in person at Ofpra's offices in Fontenay-sous-Bois. For this appointment, you will need to fill in the application form for a change of forename, which can be downloaded from the bottom of the page, and present it, along with the necessary documents, on the day of your appointment.
The civil registrar or Ofpra will then be responsible for assessing your application. It is up to them to refer the matter to the public prosecutor if they consider that there is no legitimate interest. If the public prosecutor is opposed to the change, you may refer the matter to the "juge aux affaires familiales".
If you are a minor, the change must be made by your legal representative. If you are aged between 13 and 17, your personal consent is required. 

  • Registration of the new first name

The decision to change your first name is recorded on your birth certificate. This certificate can be produced to the various authorities to prove that the first name has been changed. You will find at the bottom of the page the forms for requesting a change of forename that correspond to your situation.

Criminal record

An attestation is issued to protected persons who are asked for an extract from their criminal record. This certificate specifies that the protected person may not contact the authorities in their country of origin for events occurring prior to recognition of international protection. For events occurring after recognition, the protected person must contact the service du casier judiciaire national de Nantes.

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