Happy new year 2024 !

Ofpra wishes you a very happy new year

On 01 January 2024

Thanks to Laurence Geai as well as Vadim Sher & Dimitri Artemenko whose work was used to create our musical greeting card:

Laurence Geai is a journalist who covered the war in Ukraine, she photographed a Ukrainian village after a raid by the Russian army during the year 2023.
The musical track used come from the album Passeport Nansen composed and performed by Vadim Sher and Dimitri Artemenko, born in the former Soviet Union (Estonia). These two childhood friends evoke their album in these words: “The landscapes that we saw or dreamed of, the characters that moved us, the scenarios that came to life in our musical imagination are engraved on the fourteen pages of the Passport that we present to  you (…). Born in a country that no longer exists, we cross borders showing our “Nansen Passport” – the first official document for people who have lost their country but not their origins.”


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