Asylum at the border Mission (MAF)

  • Mission head : Madeline Brocchetto

Ofpra's asylum at the borders mission (MAF) is the service responsible for giving opinions to the Ministry of the Interior on the manifestly unfounded or inadmissible nature of an application for admission to national territory for asylum.

Examining officials assigned to the asylum at the border mission are based directly in the waiting area (ZAPI III) of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport, near the accommodation facilities. Interviews are held in the offices. Interviews with people present in the other waiting areas (mainly Orly and Marseille) are done by videoconference.

Interpreting is organised by Ofpra and carried out over the telephone,in the language requested by the detained person.

The border examining protection officers benefit from the same support tools from the DIDR or DAJEI, not least thanks to Ofpra's speciality portal.

From its referral, the asylum at the border missionhas 48 hours to organize the interview of the detained person and submit a reasoned opinion to the Ministry of the Interior.

In the event of the person's non-admission to the territory at the end of this procedure, the service transmits to the person concerned, as well as to his counsel if necessary, the report of the declarations made before the protection.

The asylum at the border mission has been attached to the Asia Division.